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To ensure the safety of all of our patients, we have regretfully decided to CANCEL our 2020 Wellness & Diabetes Expo. We thank all of our loyal patrons for their understanding, and hope to see you all again in 2021!


via Facebook Live

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Chef Tiffany Derry

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Reality TV chef and entrepreneur Tiffany Derry, best known as a fan-favorite on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef,” will conduct in a Facebook Live healthy cooking demonstration and educational workshop. Chef Derry is a Novo Nordisk Diabetes Representative.

When: Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 4:00PM
Where: Diabetes Dayton's Facebook Event


Chef Derry will be demonstrating how to make two delicious recipes:

Mediterranean Chicken Stew  &  Dark Chocolate Mousse


 Tiffany’s natural ability in the kitchen and her colorful personality made her an obvious choice for Bravo’s “Top Chef,” where she was voted fan favorite in Season 7. This recognition earned her a spot as a contestant on “Top Chef All-Stars,” where she made it to the final-four round.

With a personal family connection to diabetes, Tiffany has made it her mission to educate people about healthy lifestyles and portion control. She has worked tirelessly to revamp the Dallas School District’s lunch program with more nutritious options. In blending nutrition with flavor, Tiffany stands by one rule in her kitchen, “make it taste good or forget it!”

Chef Tiffany Derry's participation is sponsored by Novo Nordisk Diabetes.