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DESAP (Diabetes Emergency Supply Assistance Program)


Our DESAP is in place to assist the uninsured living with diabetes.

Our DESAP guidelines:

· DESAP is able to offer free diabetes testing supplies (monitors, test strips, lancets, syringes, pen needles, pump supplies, alcohol wipes and sharps containers) one to two times per year for those in need.   

· We do have an insulin assistance program that we are able to help those with a current prescription with a one month supply one time per year.  We do not assist with oral medications, but clients may be eligible for assistance with insulin &/or medications at the following organizations:

  • Health Centers of Greater Dayton - 937-461-6869

  • Five Rivers Health Centers - 937-734-4141

  • Primary Health Solutions - 937-535-5060

  •  Living Well Clinic: 937.372.7177

           (Greene County residents only)

· Health Partners Free Clinic: 937.332.0894

           (Miami County residents only)

· DESAP is a walk-in program.  Clients may call ahead in order for us to serve them.  DESAP hours are 830am-12pm & 1pm-430pm Monday through Friday.  We are closed during the lunch hour and can on occasion, assist those needing to pick up supplies at a different time by scheduling an appointment ahead of time.  

. DESAP is in place to help those most in need.  Unfortunately, this means we are only able to assist clients with a limited amount of supplies within a 12 month period; it is not an on-going unlimited program.  We do, however, make sure each client is given resources and referral information to help with their needs. After initial assistance, customers will be referred to our low cost testing supplier, Bionime (more information under Programs and Services > low cost testing).

· We do not mail supplies.  If someone other than the client picks up requested supplies we require a third party signature.

Contact our office at: 937. 220.6611 with any questions or to utilize the DESAP.

How you can help:

  • Consider a donation to the agency to fund the DESAP Pantry (Click "Donate Now!" at the top of the page)

  • Donate unopened, unexpired test strips,  glucometers,  syringes, pen needles, pump supplies, lancets and alcohol swabs to the agency during regular business hours.

  • Volunteer to organize the pantry/ sort donations

  • SPREAD THE WORD that Diabetes Dayton is here to help!

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